Things To Do In Tanzania

Things To Do In Tanzania

Things to do in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of our favourite countries in all of Africa. People welcome you with open arms yelling “Jambo” and everyone always seems to have a huge smile on their face. The landscape is lush and beautiful, the energy was vibrant and exciting and the wildlife is second to none.

1. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

adventures in Tanzania climb Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Our number one pick for adventure in Tanzania is to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

To climb to the roof of Africa and look out over the Furtwängler Glacier is an awe inspiring sight.

Climbing the Machame Route gives you an extra day to acclimate to the elevation and it is considered the most scenic route.

You will have an excellent chance of reaching the summit of one of the most famous climbs on earth.

At 5895 metres, it is a feat to be proud of when you reach the summit. Don’t miss this trek of a lifetime.


2. Go on Safari in the Serengeti

The Serengeti is Africa’s number 1 wildlife destination. And with good reason!

safari in the Serengeti

Go on Safari to the Serengeti

Every year over a million wildebeest migrate over its great plains along side thousands of the other herbivores of Africa like the gazelle and zebra.

Don’t limit yourself to migration season only though. Visiting the Serengeti offers amazing wildlife viewing year round as you spy lions, cheetahs, elephants and leopards living in their natural habitats on the vast African plains.

3. Snorkel or Scuba Dive in Zanzibar

No trip is complete without island time and Zanzibar is paradise on earth.

what to do in Tanzania Zanzibar

This spice island is not only beautiful above its turquoise water with its sandy white beaches, it is beautiful below.

Considered to have the best diving on the entire east coast of Africa, snorkellers will also be satisfied with what they will see.

Make your way to the north of the island to Nungwoi and snorkel only 800 metres off the coast at the Kendwa Reef.

4. Gombe Stream National Park

jane-goodall-tanzaniaLocated on the north Shore of Lake Tanganyika, Gombe Stream is a protected area made famous by Jane Goodall.

Hire a guide to take you to trek and see the famous chimpanzees of the area. You are almost guaranteed a sighting of our closest cousins.

5. Marvel at the Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley spans from Lebanon all the way through Africa through Tanzania to where it ends in Mozambique.

tanzania travel the rift valley

It is a beautiful vast site in Tanzania housing the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti.

Stay at the Kilimamoja Lodge for the very best view of this massive valley you’ll have anywhere.

6. Visit the Iraqw Village

vist the iraqw village in TanzaniaThe Iraqw Village located near the town of Karatu, not far from the Ngorongoro crater  was a highlight for us when visiting Tanzania.

The kids at the Iraqw Village are genuinely happy to see you

This tribe hails from Ethiopia and opens its doors to tourists where they teach you about their customs, language and way of life.

If you are going to visit one village in Tanzania, this is it!

7. Oldupai Gorge (Olduvai)

visit Tanzania oldepai gorgeOldepai Gorge is known as the cradle of civilization.

The site where the Leakey’s discovered Hominid evidence

In the 1970’s Mary and Louise Leakey discovered the existence of the first human species dating back 3 million years. This significant find established the fact that humans evolved in Africa.

8. Stone Town – Birthplace of Freddie Mercury

Zanzibar is known for its beaches and turquoise water, but walking around Stone Town makes for an interesting day.

what to do in Tanzania

Freddie Mercury of Queen was born in Zanzibar and it was a highlight for us to see the door to his house and to visit Mercury’s bar for a drink. Okay, so maybe I am too much of a Queen fan there are a lot of other things to do in this UNESCO World Heritage town.

It was once the king of the spice trade and sadly the slave trade. Walk through the narrow alleyways and marvel at the famous Zanzibar doors, (Freddie Mercurie’s old house has a door saying Mercurie’s house) smell the spices and visit the old fort and night markets.

Hot tip: Stone towns stone maze streets get very hot. Choose accommodation on the waterfront to keep cool. 

9. Take a Balloon Safari

If you are up for a splurge, there is nothing better than taking a hot air balloon over the Serengeti Plains.

balloon safar in tanzania

See wildlife from above and have a great adventure flying over Africa.

Balloon flights end with champagne and breakfast starting your day off right!

Be prepared balloon safaris on the Serengeti go as high as $600 but if it’s your once in a lifetime trip, it’s worth every penny. 

10. Tarangire National park

It may not be the largest or most famous national park of Tanzania, but it packs a punch.

what to do in tanzania safari

Safari in the Serengeti

It was in Tarangire that we had some of our most unique animal encounters in Tanzania. From an ostrich mating to lions in a tree, Tarangire is an excellent spot to see African animals.

By staying inside the park at the Sopa Lodge, we had the opportunity to look out over the plains and marvel at wildlife coming in at sunrise and sunset.

We went on Safari to Tanzania with Lappet Faced Safaris, check out their website for Tanzania safari adventures.

11. Nogorngoro Crater

It’s the largest unbroken caldera in the world that is not submerged in water and it houses 45,000 animals living in harmony.

Tanzania travel ngorngoro crater

Zebras in the Ngorngoro Crater

Visiting the Ngorongoro crater is a beautiful experience watching wildlife within the volcano.

Massive herds of wildebeest, zebras and elephants roam the landscape and you will come across a lion or two and if you are lucky, a rhino may cross your path.

12. Visit a Masai Village

You cannot visit East Africa without visiting a Masai Tribe.

visit tanzania masai tribe

The Masai Warriors jump for joy

The original nomads and Masai warriors will welcome you into their villages showing you how they make fire while putting on performances and jumping high in the air.

Their majestic voices will win you over and you won’t be able to leave without digging deep into your wallets to buy a souvenir.

Be prepared: The Masai have been running tours for decades and know the art of the deal. They’ll quote high prices but you can barter. 

13. Lake Manyara

For birds and beauty, Lake Manyara is the place to be.

visit Tanzania lake Manyara

The famous flamingoes of Lake Manyara

This alkaline lake is famous for its pink flamingo population. But aside from the thousands of migrating flamingoes, you also see storks, kingfishers and eagles.

It’s not just for the birds though, we were mesmerized by the baboon colony walking en masse like Planet of the Apes to the forest and the statue-like giraffes reflections in the water.

14. Arusha Cultural Centre

Located in Arusha the cultural centre is a new attraction housing African art and paintings.

tanzania travel cultural centre arush

Strolling through the art gallery in Arusha

It’s a fascinating walk through African culture all in a tranquil setting. Sip cappuccinos on the terrace or browse the gift shops.

15. Shanga Village

Also located in Arush, the Shanga Village is a project that helps disabled people hone their skills selling arts and crafts.

visit tanzania shanga village

Blind artisan at work

The workshop lets you walk through to enjoy artisans at work and learn how they make glass ornaments, tapestries and clothing.

You can buy jewelry or other crafts to support the project that runs on a sustainable model of recycling materials.

16. Cycle the CountryCycle Tanzania Things to Do

If you want an epic adventure. Take a ride from Arusha in the north to Mbeya in the south.

See everything that Tanzania has to offer from the seat of a bicycle.  Ride through coffee plantations and lush countryside.

This is the Africa you have always dreamed of. Epic climbs through tropical forests, switching between paved roads and bumpy trails will challenge and excite you.

Make your way to the Capital of the country Dodoma. See a Tanzania that other travellers never will and get to know the people of Tanzania up close and personal as you stop for a coke on the side of a highway.

Very Wonderful Safari Trip Lappet Faced Safari left a very good impression on me about Safari. When discussing the itinerary, Francisco responded very promptly and provided a lot of useful suggestions; during the entire trip, there were no extra costs or extra services. During this trip, we are very grateful to our guide Mike, who worked tirelessly to help us find animals and introduced various animal knowledge, making us have a very enjoyable trip; we also booked a ride from Arusha to Kilimanjaro For the airport shuttle bus, thank you to Noel for his superb driving skills; and thank you to Francisco for helping us book a fruit lunchbox in advance so that we did not go hungry. We were very satisfied with this trip.
7-Day Wildebeest Migration Safari We had an amazing 7-day safari visiting Tarangire National Park, the Ndutu region of southern Serengeti, Central Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater. Before arriving in Tanzania I had regular communication with Francisco, the owner of Lappet Faced Safaris. Francisco always responded promptly and answered all of our questions as we planned this custom safari. I was very impressed by his prompt and thorough responses to questions and his willingness to be flexible with our itinerary during the planning stages of this trip. We were met at the airport by our driver/guide, Amani, who accompanied us for the duration of the safari. To say that Amani went above and beyond was an understatement. He was an amazing guide and he did a great job in finding various wildlife and putting us in an excellent position to observe and photograph. He was also very good at answering our questions about the wildlife, the vegetation and the people of Tanzania. I was very impressed and I could tell that he enjoyed his work and that he knew what he was talking about when explaining things about different animals. It really made the trip a more complete experience. I was very pleased with our accommodations throughout our safari, as well as with the food. Everything matched the information that we received from Francisco when we were planning our trip. Lappet Faced Safaris is a small locally-owned safari company and they provide first-class service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in visiting Tanzania and experiencing a safari. Francisco is flexible in putting together a trip itinerary so do not hesitate to share what your interests are for your safari experience and he will work with you to meet those plans. We wanted to see the wildebeest migration during their calving season, as well as seeing other resident wildlife and what we experienced during our safari was simply amazing.
Kenny C
Kenny C
Amazing experience The 3-day safari was an unforgettable experience and were extremely delighted we went with Lappet Faced Safaris for the trip. Our guide and chef were both extremely professional and they both went out of their way to make sure we had the best experience possible. We would 100% recommend this safari trip.
Tatiana C
Tatiana C
Breathtaking, Wild, Unforgettable!!!! MUST DO!!! That was an unbelievably wonderful experience of a lifetime! We had just 6 days in Zanzibar and 2 of them we decided to devote to safari in Tarangire and Ngorongoro national parks. It was one of the wisest decisions because the amount of emotions and feelings you would get from the beauty of the nature and animals you have seen only on discovery channel before would bring you infinite happiness and pure joy :))) Thanks to Lapped Faced Safaris for making it real! The service was exceptional. Francisco ( the owner of the company) was always in contact with us all the time. He answered all our million questions and made sure everything would go smoothly. He took care about everything from the moment we left Zanzibar and came back. Our guide/driver was the best guide we could imagine: attentive, caring, choosing the best angles to observe the animals. Together with him we saw all Big Five (leopard, lions, elephants, zebras and rhinos) and more))) however it’s always a matter of luck whom you would spot ;) Karankari lodge - is a gorgeous hotel I would highly recommend to stay at for 1 night between the safaris. Look forward to coming back for 3-4 days safari! Lapped Faced Safaris - THE BEST!
Sachin K
Sachin K
Best expeirence Our guide was knowledgeable and very well behaved. The sunset tour has been remarkable. No issue at all Thanks....
Sandra M
Sandra M
Epic Adventures On my recent trip, Michael and his crew (shoutout to Joshua, Stive, and Frank!) totally made the experience awesome. Their know-how and passion, along with the smooth coordination and personal touch, made every moment unforgettable. Seriously, I highly recommend this travel crew for an epic trip!
Abdul A
Abdul A
Family-Friendly Adventure Lappet Faced Safari was an amazing experience for our family. The guides whose name Joseph were not only knowledgeable but also fantastic with kids, making it a great experience.
pami k
pami k
Exemplary Expedition: A Journey Elevated by Expert Guides Embarking on a recent travel expedition, I was fortunate to have Michael as our guide. His expertise and passion for the destinations we explored added immense value to the journey. The seamless coordination and personalized touch from Michael and his team, including Joshua, Stive, and Frank, made every moment unforgettable. Their commitment to excellence was evident in the meticulous planning and insightful commentary. I highly recommend this travel experience, where the guides' dedication and knowledge elevate the trip to extraordinary heights.
Ranvir K
Ranvir K
Thrilling Night Safari Lappet Faced Safari's night safari was a thrilling addition to our adventure. Armed with spotlights, we delved into the nocturnal world of wildlife. From elusive predators to creatures of the night, the experience was both exhilarating and educational. A unique and captivating way to witness the diversity of the animal kingdom.
Mama B
Mama B
Sunset Safari Splendor Lappet Faced Safari took the traditional safari experience to new heights with their sunset tour. The colors of the African sky painted a breathtaking backdrop to our wildlife encounters. Watching the sun dip below the horizon while surrounded by nature's wonders was a mesmerizing and unforgettable spectacle.

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