Safari Adventures in Tanzania

Safari Adventures in Tanzania

Imagine the thrill of watching a lioness stealthily hunt her prey or witnessing the breathtaking spectacle of the Great Migration as thousands of wildebeest thunder across the plains. Welcome to Tanzania, a safari lover’s paradise. Nestled in East Africa, Tanzania is renowned for its incredible wildlife, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. A safari in Tanzania is not just a vacation; it’s an adventure that immerses you in the heart of the wild.

Why Choose Tanzania for a Safari?

Tanzania stands out as a premier safari destination for several reasons. First, it boasts an unparalleled array of wildlife, including the famed Big Five: lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos. The country’s diverse ecosystems, from the Serengeti’s vast savannahs to the lush Ngorongoro Crater, offer unique and varied safari experiences. Additionally, Tanzania’s cultural richness, with its vibrant Maasai communities and historical sites, adds a profound human dimension to your adventure.

Best Time to Visit

The timing of your safari can significantly impact your experience. The dry season, from late June to October, is the best time for wildlife viewing, as animals gather around water sources, making them easier to spot. This period also coincides with the Great Migration in the Serengeti. Conversely, the wet season, from November to May, offers lush landscapes and fewer tourists, making it ideal for bird watchers and those seeking a more tranquil experience.

Top Safari Destinations in Tanzania

Safari Adventures in Tanzania



  • Serengeti National Park: No safari in Tanzania is complete without a visit to the Serengeti. This iconic park is home to the Great Migration and offers stunning landscapes teeming with wildlife. From majestic lions to agile cheetahs, the Serengeti’s diversity is unmatched.
  • Ngorongoro Crater: The Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a natural wonder. This massive volcanic caldera is a haven for wildlife, including endangered black rhinos. Its unique geography creates a self-contained ecosystem, providing excellent game viewing year-round.
  • Tarangire National Park: Famous for its large elephant herds and ancient baobab trees, Tarangire National Park offers a quieter, less crowded safari experience. The park’s diverse habitats support a wide variety of wildlife, making it a must-visit destination.
  • Lake Manyara National Park: Known for its tree-climbing lions and stunning flamingo-filled lakes, Lake Manyara National Park is a photographer’s dream. The park’s lush groundwater forests and rich birdlife make it a unique addition to any safari itinerary.
  • Selous Game Reserve: For those seeking a more remote and wild experience, the Selous Game Reserve is perfect. As one of the largest game reserves in Africa, it offers a sense of untouched wilderness, with fewer visitors and a high density of wildlife.

The Great Migration

Safari Adventures in Tanzania



The Great Migration is a huge event where many animals travel together in Africa. It happens in the Serengeti, a big grassland. More than two million animals take part in this journey. There are wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles. They travel because they need to find food and water. It’s fascinating to see them move in such large groups. They create a river of animals flowing across the land! But the journey isn’t easy. They have to cross rivers, and that can be dangerous. Some animals, like crocodiles, live in those rivers and might try to catch them. One of the famous rivers they cross is the Grumeti River. Another one is the Mara River. People like to go there to watch the animals. It’s an amazing sight! Seeing so many animals together is like watching a big parade in nature. It’s a special experience that many people want to see at least once in their lives!

Wildlife You Can Expect to See

Safari Adventures in Tanzania



Tanzania is a treasure trove of wildlife diversity, offering an unforgettable safari experience beyond just the iconic Big Five. While encounters with lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceroses are undoubtedly thrilling, the country’s expansive plains and lush habitats also host a rich tapestry of other fascinating creatures. Among them are the graceful giraffes, with their long necks elegantly stretching towards the treetops, and the mighty hippos, often found lazing in the cool waters of rivers and lakes. Keep your eyes peeled for the stealthy crocodiles, lurking beneath the surface with only their eyes visible, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

But it’s not just the large mammals that steal the show in Tanzania. The country boasts a remarkable array of antelope species, each adapted to its own niche in the ecosystem. From the elegant impalas darting through the grasslands to the majestic kudus with their spiral horns, every sighting is a testament to nature’s creativity and resilience. For bird enthusiasts, Tanzania is paradise. With over 1,000 bird species recorded, including both resident and migratory species, the skies and trees are alive with a kaleidoscope of colors and melodies. Watch in awe as vibrant flamingos gather in their thousands, casting a pink hue over the shimmering waters of soda lakes. Look to the skies, and you might spot the regal silhouette of an eagle, soaring effortlessly on the thermals.

Exploring Tanzania’s wilderness is not just a safari; it’s a journey into the heart of one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Each encounter with its wildlife leaves a lasting impression, reminding us of the interconnectedness and beauty of all living things. Whether you’re a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or a first-time visitor, Tanzania offers an abundance of natural wonders waiting to be discovered and cherished.

Safari Types and Experiences

Safari Adventures in Tanzania



  • Game Drives: Game drives are the quintessential safari experience. Guided by knowledgeable rangers, you’ll traverse the landscapes in specially designed vehicles, getting up close to the animals in their natural habitat.
  • Walking Safaris: For a more intimate encounter with nature, walking safaris are ideal. Accompanied by armed guides, you’ll explore the bush on foot, learning about the smaller, often overlooked aspects of the ecosystem.
  • Balloon Safaris: Soaring above the Serengeti in a hot air balloon offers a unique perspective of the landscape and wildlife. As the sun rises, you’ll float silently over the plains, capturing breathtaking views and unforgettable memories.
  • Night Safaris: Night safaris provide a glimpse into the nocturnal world of the African bush. Equipped with spotlights, you’ll search for elusive night creatures like leopards, hyenas, and bush babies.


Safari Adventures in Tanzania



Tanzania caters to all types of travelers with its diverse range of accommodations.

  • Luxury Lodges: Luxury lodges offer top-notch amenities, including gourmet dining, spa services, and private game drives. These lodges provide a perfect blend of comfort and adventure.
  • Tented Camps: For a more authentic experience, tented camps immerse you in nature while still offering modern comforts. You’ll fall asleep to the sounds of the wild and wake up to stunning sunrise views.
  • Budget Options: Budget travelers can choose from a variety of affordable lodges and campsites. These options provide essential amenities and the chance to experience the safari without breaking the bank.

Cultural Experiences

Safari Adventures in Tanzania



Tanzania’s cultural diversity enriches any safari adventure.

  • Visiting Local Tribes: Interacting with local tribes, such as the Maasai, offers insight into traditional ways of life. You can learn about their customs, participate in dances, and even visit their homes.
  • Understanding Maasai Culture: The Maasai are known for their distinctive dress and warrior traditions. Visiting a Maasai village provides a deeper understanding of their unique culture and way of life.
  • Tanzanian Cuisine: Sampling Tanzanian cuisine is a must. From succulent Nyama choma (grilled meat) to spicy pilau rice, the flavors of Tanzania are sure to delight your taste buds.

Safety Tips for Safari Travelers

Safety is paramount on any safari.

  • Health Precautions: Ensure you’re up to date on vaccinations and take necessary medications, such as antimalarials. Always drink bottled water and follow hygiene practices to stay healthy.
  • Wildlife Safety: Respect wildlife by keeping a safe distance and following your guide’s instructions. Never attempt to feed or provoke animals.
  • Travel Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance is essential. It should cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and any potential risks associated with safari activities.

What to Pack for a Safari in Tanzania

Safari Adventures in Tanzania



Packing wisely can enhance your safari experience.

  • Clothing Essentials: Lightweight, breathable clothing in neutral colors is ideal. Pack a mix of short and long sleeves, a warm jacket for early mornings, and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection.
  • Safari Gear: Binoculars, a good quality camera, and a field guide to African wildlife are must-haves. A sturdy pair of walking shoes is also essential for comfort.
  • Photography Equipment: A DSLR or mirrorless camera with a zoom lens will help you capture stunning wildlife shots. Don’t forget extra memory cards and batteries.

Booking Your Safari

Choosing the right safari can make all the difference.

  • Choosing a Tour Operator: Research tour operators thoroughly. Look for reputable companies with experienced guides and positive reviews. Personal recommendations can also be valuable.
  • Custom vs. Packaged Tours: Custom tours offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor the itinerary to your preferences. Packaged tours are more convenient and often more cost-effective.
  • Tips for Getting the Best Deals: Book well in advance and consider traveling during the shoulder season for better rates. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or look for special offers.

Environmental and Ethical Considerations

Respecting the environment and local communities is crucial.

  • Sustainable Tourism Practices: Choose operators committed to sustainability. Support conservation efforts and minimize your environmental impact by reducing waste and conserving water.
  • Respecting Wildlife and Local Communities: Always follow park rules and guidelines. Show respect for local customs and traditions, and support local businesses to benefit the communities you visit.

Personal Stories and Experiences

Hearing from those who have experienced a Tanzanian safari can be inspiring.

  • Testimonials from Safari-Goers: Many travelers describe their Tanzanian safari as life-changing. They often highlight the thrill of close encounters with wildlife and the warmth of the Tanzanian people.
  • Memorable Encounters with Wildlife: From witnessing a lion’s hunt to the playful antics of a troop of baboons, safari-goers’ stories are filled with unforgettable moments that capture the essence of the African wilderness.


A safari in Tanzania is more than just a vacation; it’s an adventure that stays with you long after you’ve returned home. The country’s stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage offer a truly unique and enriching experience. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embark on your first safari, Tanzania promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of the wild.


What is the best time to visit Tanzania for a safari?

The best time to visit Tanzania for a safari is during the dry season, from late June to October when wildlife viewing is at its peak.

How safe is it to go on a safari in Tanzania?

Tanzania is generally safe for safari travelers. However, it’s important to follow safety guidelines, stay with your guide, and take necessary health precautions.

What wildlife can I expect to see on a Tanzanian safari?

You can expect to see a wide variety of wildlife, including the Big Five (lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos), as well as giraffes, hippos, zebras, and numerous bird species.

Are safaris in Tanzania suitable for families?

Yes, many safari operators offer family-friendly tours with accommodations and activities suitable for children. It’s a great way for families to experience the wild together.

How can I contribute to conservation efforts while on safari?

You can contribute to conservation by choosing eco-friendly tour operators, respecting wildlife, minimizing waste, and supporting local conservation projects.

Very Wonderful Safari Trip Lappet Faced Safari left a very good impression on me about Safari. When discussing the itinerary, Francisco responded very promptly and provided a lot of useful suggestions; during the entire trip, there were no extra costs or extra services. During this trip, we are very grateful to our guide Mike, who worked tirelessly to help us find animals and introduced various animal knowledge, making us have a very enjoyable trip; we also booked a ride from Arusha to Kilimanjaro For the airport shuttle bus, thank you to Noel for his superb driving skills; and thank you to Francisco for helping us book a fruit lunchbox in advance so that we did not go hungry. We were very satisfied with this trip.
7-Day Wildebeest Migration Safari We had an amazing 7-day safari visiting Tarangire National Park, the Ndutu region of southern Serengeti, Central Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater. Before arriving in Tanzania I had regular communication with Francisco, the owner of Lappet Faced Safaris. Francisco always responded promptly and answered all of our questions as we planned this custom safari. I was very impressed by his prompt and thorough responses to questions and his willingness to be flexible with our itinerary during the planning stages of this trip. We were met at the airport by our driver/guide, Amani, who accompanied us for the duration of the safari. To say that Amani went above and beyond was an understatement. He was an amazing guide and he did a great job in finding various wildlife and putting us in an excellent position to observe and photograph. He was also very good at answering our questions about the wildlife, the vegetation and the people of Tanzania. I was very impressed and I could tell that he enjoyed his work and that he knew what he was talking about when explaining things about different animals. It really made the trip a more complete experience. I was very pleased with our accommodations throughout our safari, as well as with the food. Everything matched the information that we received from Francisco when we were planning our trip. Lappet Faced Safaris is a small locally-owned safari company and they provide first-class service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in visiting Tanzania and experiencing a safari. Francisco is flexible in putting together a trip itinerary so do not hesitate to share what your interests are for your safari experience and he will work with you to meet those plans. We wanted to see the wildebeest migration during their calving season, as well as seeing other resident wildlife and what we experienced during our safari was simply amazing.
Kenny C
Kenny C
Amazing experience The 3-day safari was an unforgettable experience and were extremely delighted we went with Lappet Faced Safaris for the trip. Our guide and chef were both extremely professional and they both went out of their way to make sure we had the best experience possible. We would 100% recommend this safari trip.
Tatiana C
Tatiana C
Breathtaking, Wild, Unforgettable!!!! MUST DO!!! That was an unbelievably wonderful experience of a lifetime! We had just 6 days in Zanzibar and 2 of them we decided to devote to safari in Tarangire and Ngorongoro national parks. It was one of the wisest decisions because the amount of emotions and feelings you would get from the beauty of the nature and animals you have seen only on discovery channel before would bring you infinite happiness and pure joy :))) Thanks to Lapped Faced Safaris for making it real! The service was exceptional. Francisco ( the owner of the company) was always in contact with us all the time. He answered all our million questions and made sure everything would go smoothly. He took care about everything from the moment we left Zanzibar and came back. Our guide/driver was the best guide we could imagine: attentive, caring, choosing the best angles to observe the animals. Together with him we saw all Big Five (leopard, lions, elephants, zebras and rhinos) and more))) however it’s always a matter of luck whom you would spot ;) Karankari lodge - is a gorgeous hotel I would highly recommend to stay at for 1 night between the safaris. Look forward to coming back for 3-4 days safari! Lapped Faced Safaris - THE BEST!
Sachin K
Sachin K
Best expeirence Our guide was knowledgeable and very well behaved. The sunset tour has been remarkable. No issue at all Thanks....
Sandra M
Sandra M
Epic Adventures On my recent trip, Michael and his crew (shoutout to Joshua, Stive, and Frank!) totally made the experience awesome. Their know-how and passion, along with the smooth coordination and personal touch, made every moment unforgettable. Seriously, I highly recommend this travel crew for an epic trip!
Abdul A
Abdul A
Family-Friendly Adventure Lappet Faced Safari was an amazing experience for our family. The guides whose name Joseph were not only knowledgeable but also fantastic with kids, making it a great experience.
pami k
pami k
Exemplary Expedition: A Journey Elevated by Expert Guides Embarking on a recent travel expedition, I was fortunate to have Michael as our guide. His expertise and passion for the destinations we explored added immense value to the journey. The seamless coordination and personalized touch from Michael and his team, including Joshua, Stive, and Frank, made every moment unforgettable. Their commitment to excellence was evident in the meticulous planning and insightful commentary. I highly recommend this travel experience, where the guides' dedication and knowledge elevate the trip to extraordinary heights.
Ranvir K
Ranvir K
Thrilling Night Safari Lappet Faced Safari's night safari was a thrilling addition to our adventure. Armed with spotlights, we delved into the nocturnal world of wildlife. From elusive predators to creatures of the night, the experience was both exhilarating and educational. A unique and captivating way to witness the diversity of the animal kingdom.
Mama B
Mama B
Sunset Safari Splendor Lappet Faced Safari took the traditional safari experience to new heights with their sunset tour. The colors of the African sky painted a breathtaking backdrop to our wildlife encounters. Watching the sun dip below the horizon while surrounded by nature's wonders was a mesmerizing and unforgettable spectacle.

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